HARLAN WHITE (shown left, examining a collection of extremely rare natural gold nuggets) founded Old Coin Shop in 1960. Since that time a great many rare and not so rare coins have made their way to our store and then on to fill a spot in someone’s collection.
OLD COIN SHOP maintains one of the largest inventories of collector coins in California. Dealing in the great coins provides many thrills, however we should note, a great deal of enjoyment is had on a day to day basis handling collector coins of every possible type from Half Cents through commemorative coins. It is very satisfying to help a collector complete a series of coins they have been working on. Equally satisfying is helping someone get started with the WORLD'S GREATEST HOBBY
At one time or another the Old Coin Shop has handled many of the great numismatic rarities. The thrill of having the Dexter specimen of the 1804 Dollar (one of 15 known and worth a cool $1,000,000) in your hands is almost impossible to describe; it just gives you "Goosebumps". We’ve also had the complete METRIC GOLD SET
(one of a kind pattern set, designed to switch the U.S. to the metric standard). Hundred’s of Proof Morgan Dollars (a grand example of the mintmasters art). 1856 Flying Eagle cents (1000 pieces were made though not near that many available for the collector) and countless other key and semi-key coins. Pioneer Gold Coins has long been a favorite among the gold coins that we have had the privilege of dealing with. Possibly the neatest being the Kellogg & Humbert 1855 Fifty Dollar gold piece which we purchased at the Amon Carter sale in 1984 for $154,000, (then a very high price for a pioneer piece). We’ve also owned the Number 1 set of Panama-Pacific International Exposition coins, (this set includes the largest gold coins ever made by the United States Mint).
The founder of Old Coin Shop, Harlan White is member number 132 of the Professional Numismatists Guild having joined that prestigious organization in 1966 andserving as its Director 1985-1995. We are life members (number 565) of the American Numismatic Association. Other organizations which we are affiliated with include The National Silver Dollar Roundtable, California State Numismatic Association, Central States Numismatic Association, Florida United Numismatists, Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America.