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MS-65– Absolutely no trace of wear. May have a few scattered hairlines and light contact marks not in prime focal areas.

MS-63 –Absolutely no trace of wear. May have distracting contact marks in prime focal areas.

MS-60 –Absolutely no trace of wear. May have heavy contact marks in all areas.

AU-58 –The barest trace of wear may be seen on one or more of the high points of the design.

AU-55 –Only small traces of wear are visible on the highest points of the coin.

AU-50 –Traces of wear on nearly all of the highest areas.

EF-45 –Light overall wear on the coin’s highest points. All details are very sharp.

EF-40 –Slight wear but more extensive than the preceding, still with excellent overall sharpness.

VF-30 –Light even wear on the surface; design details on the highest points lightly worn. Lettering and major features sharp.

VF-20 –Same as the preceding but with moderate wear on higher parts.

Fine-12 –Moderate to considerable even wear. Entire design is bold. All lettering visible, but with some weakness.

VG-8 –Well worn. Major designs visible, but with faintness in areas. Head, wreath and other details visible in outline form only.

Good-6 –Heavily worn. Major designs visible, but with faintness. Major features visible in outline only. Displays full rims.

Good-4 –As preceding but without full rims.

AG-2&3 –Very heavily worn with portions of the lettering, date and legends worn smooth. Date barely readable.